Meeting and Event Designs that Produce Results

The Evolution of Experiential Learning Environments

Can you recall the story of the original door to door salesman, who for all of his hard work and due diligence was awarded the highest honor his company knew to give him. A box of chocolates, a set of luggage, or the most coveted of all, the gold watch. Over time, meeting industry pioneers saw that chocolate gets eaten, luggage gets worn and watches can break. But, if you reward your top performer with an experience instead of something tangible, memories will remain. That hardworking employee would remember the excitement of his first trip and the warmth of the sun long after it set. This was the birth of performance based marketing and the Travel and Incentive Industry.

Fast forward several decades when the roots of performance based marketing and incentives were applied to an environment in the form of Experiential Marketing. Around that time, and growing at an even faster rate, was the evolution of technology. Since 1984, technology continues to double itself every 18 months. Recognized by MPI as leaders in Emergent technology, Staging Optics is using best practices from the foundations of Experiential Marketing and technology to create Experiential Learning Environments to benefit and strength their clients’ message delivery.

Culminating in the inception of Staging Optics, MPI Global Award winning producer Steven P. Simmons was tasked by a client to create a meeting environment that involved the audience in a new level of participation with careful consideration of the client’s financial optic. After extensive research, Steven came to the conclusion that the desired combination did not exist. The hammer and nail sets of the day were expensive, cumbersome, labor intensive and not suitable for reuse. Steven took the goals and objectives of his client and reverse engineered a lightweight and visually stimulating scenic design that stimulated attendees’ multisensory learning capacity and consistently reinforce the client’s branding and message. Designed to economically ship almost anywhere in the world virtually overnight, Steven’s scenic became new standard for the client’s branding initiative, weaving a common thread though out the organization’s internal and external communications.

Increased demand led to the construction of an entire collection of Experiential Learning Environments that employ the psychologies of color, shape and size, cutting edge audio/visual technology and a line of safe special effects that present opportunities for Moments of Impact.

Moments of Impact
We can help you optimize your meetings by using a specific discovery process of identifying your program’s core mission objectives. We then engineer an audible, visual and experiential interpretation of those core mission objectives, by linking them to moments of impact. Moments of impact are defined as those memorable parts of the program that make the hairs rise on your arms, the things that people are talking about around the water cooler the next day. ┬áIn one case study, the Opening Ceremonies of Super Bowl XL, Optics packed 52 moments of impact in a ninety minute program which resulted in:
- 155 percent Return On Investment
- 200 stories printed
- 16 million positive media impressions