Meeting and Event Designs that Produce Results

Tips to Supercharge the Effectiveness of your Next Meeting

Implement the proven process of distilling creativity into investment. Close your eyes and imagine your have just produced the most successful event ever and you have the luxury of polling the attendees as they leave.  What did they say? I really learned a lot or I feel appreciated.  Those desired answers are the foundation of your program goals and core mission objectives.  Every element of your program should support these objectives.  If it doesn’t, you don’t need it.

It’s all about Repetition:  Information is great, but it has to stick to be effective. Here is a simple presentation tip to aid the memory-retention of any audience:

  • Tell them what you’re going to tell them.
  • Tell them
  • Tell them what you told them

Start with the right footprint:   Ask your A/V provider or meeting planner how much space and time your program really needs.  Meeting planners can help you maximize value with advice on adjusting room rental fees and food and beverage minimums.  Once you have selected a room, keep in mind a seated person is 4’6″ tall so don’t focus on elements less than or they will not be seen by your audience.   Increase your room effectiveness by seating at crescent rounds.  Conducive to team building activities and interaction, this arrangement provides all a clear view to the stage without a stiff neck.  Have meals inside the business theatre instead of incurring the costs of a separate meal room.

Executive Reputation Management:  Protect your Leadership!   In addition to securing necessary rehearsal time for your a/v team, encourage your Leadership to participate in a short, straightforward executive walkthrough.  If your presenters need rehearsal time, keep the rehearsals private, never in view of attendees.   Getting presenters familiar with the greenroom area, confidence monitor and graphics system will keep them focused on their message because they know you have everything else handled.  Use voice overs for intros and housekeeping announcements so your presenters don’t have to explain where the bathrooms are.

Make the most of your marketing material:  You may already have a multi-million dollar arsenal available.   If your organization has commercials, promotional videos, and ads intersperse them into your meeting.  Use them as transition pieces and increase the perceived value of your meeting at no added expense.

Use safe special effects:  A sure way to create a moment of impact is through the utilization of special effects.  Forget traditional pyrotechnics and all their baggage.  Instead, use technology based effects that are Fire Marshal approved.