Meeting and Event Designs that Produce Results

When All Eyes Are On You


One Chance, One Shot

Nerves, Excitement and Anticipation

Experience a behind the scenes headset communication kicking off a major production.



Building Your Own EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Environment



Experiential learning allows attendees to experience your message through an  audible, visual, and engaging learning process.  It is about participating in a meeting rather than just listening. Attendees exit feeling educated, informed and entertained.


10% of what we read

20% of what we hear

30% of what we see

50% of what we see and hear

70% of what we say

90% of what we say and do


A.   Windows The Windows Set is more economical than most Mega Screen designs in that two projectors support the four screens in the center, one per screen pair.  The Windows Set are crowned with curved aluminum and fabric Screen Surrounds that are also projectable and compatible with screen blending technology.

B.   Zero With its unique circular perforations, the Zero Set is a great lighting pallet that can be both front and rear lit; while hairline or contrast lighting are perfect for broadcast.

C.   Mega Screens Mega Screens present the ability to reinvent your stage with the press of a button, dynamically changing your stage an infinite amount of times in a single show.

D.   Splats Wrinkle-resistant tension fabric shapes that provide a crisp, clean look to your stage, as well as projection surfaces for i-mag, lighting scenes or even preprinted images.

E.   Cyber Ice Its semi translucent panels create a textured palette that embraces LED or conventional lighting, and allows for multiple color scenes at the touch of a button.

F.   Streamline Streamline is a Mega Screen made of modular flats of bright white projection friendly fabric surfaces that utilizes completely virtual motion graphic projection.

G.   MOD Cyber The Modular Cyber Ice is custom-fabricated from frosted polycarbonate for a lightweight design that is versatile, modular, and remarkably quick and easy to assemble.

H.   Super Curve This unique projection system, made of a fabric that disintegrates at 150 degrees extends around your audience enveloping them into your message and desired end results.

I.   Organics Wrinkle-resistant tension fabric shapes that provide a crisp, clean look to your stage, as well as projection surfaces for i-mag, lighting scenes or even preprinted images.

J.   Chairmans Projection screens flow smoothly into the cyber columns, truss cornice and steps of varying height create a textured lighting pallet and screen blending platform.

K.   Sky System The Sky System is scalable by adding panels, providing a blank canvas on which any pre-produced environment or graphic can be projected to support presenter, topic or program message.

L.   Optics Panels The 5-Panel Optics System can be pre-printed to customize any brand or message your project desires. Also included is a matching customized PowerPoint template.


Audio Visual & Event Technology



Using Technology to Reinforce your Message

In the current state of business, every aspect and expense of live meetings and events are scrutinized for value and return on investment.  Today, there is little room in budgets, and even less tolerance for incorporating elements that do not contribute to the bottom line. Meeting and Event producers have to think smarter to stay in the game.  This new thinking marries the best practices of experiential marketing and the latest advancements in technology.  This is a fundamental shift in how technology is used during live meetings and events.  Using technology as the message delivery system, not just the vehicle for it, has proved to increase message retention and ROI without compromising the delicate balance of attendee perception.  Moore’s law states that technology doubles every two years. In the past, producers and industry insiders referred to audio visual equipment as smart or dumb, essentially defining it as dynamic or static.

Today the shift has graduated simple equipment lists into technology packages that serve a purpose rather than a function.  These packages give life to experiential learning environments that lean heavily on the psychologies of color, shape, size and safe special effects to encourage attendees’ multi-sensory learning capacity while consistently reinforcing the clients’ branding and message.   It is not unrealistic to foster a 3D environment that can change like an IMAX movie throughout; or transforming the entire stage on a coffee break with literally the press of a button at your organization’s next meeting.   With technology as the catalyst behind these digital delivery systems, options become almost limitless as your message is transformed into a memory, dramatically increasing message retention.

Use technology to engineer failure out of the program not add it back in”

“Technology is allowing us to deliver messages further while bringing people closer together”

by Steven P. Simmons CMP

Designing your Ultimate DESTINATION EXPERIENCE




Make the most of your guests experience.  Embrace every opportunity to reinforce your brand and message. 

Every program has the potential to be made experiential with a conscious plan to incorporate your organization’s branding and core mission objectives at every turn.


Proven research derived methods of increasing retention and brand awareness can be implemented in unconventional and surprising ways when you look for opportunities to create moments of impact. We all expect to find a themed save the date message in our email but imagine stepping off the shuttle bus at the meeting venue that has been custom branded for just for your group.  If this much attention to detail has been given to guest arrival, just imagine what is in store behind the meeting room doors.

We know attendees learn best when they participate in an experience removed from the status quo.  And what makes up that experience doesn’t have to be over the top or over budget.  It can start with the core execution team smartly dressed in branded attire meeting guests at the airport.  The meeting theme can take shape in the form of carefully selected food and beverage, venue selection and post conference survey tools.
Take the confusion out of conference logistics for your attendees.   When you take advantage of opportunities for branding, attendees will have highly visible cues ensuring they are in the right spot and in good hands at all times.

What makes an EVENT SPECIAL?



The most successful events are based on reinforcing your program’s Core Mission Objectives with experiential stimuli and Info-Tainment that increase message retention and deliver measurable results.

We all know that showing appreciation to your employees and customers is just good business, but it takes well thought out strategies that keep a team motivated and productive.  These strategies are communicated through Special Events designed with return on investment in mind.  It’s no accident that the companies that do this the best are also listed on “The 100 Best Companies to Work For” and have less employee turnover.   So whether its planning customer appreciation or media events… an employee appreciation program like a family day open house or a holiday celebration… an external event like a black tie Gala…. awards ceremony… or a ground breaking and ribbon cutting ceremony, the most critical step is protecting your organization’s bottom line and its investment in human equity and talent.   When you’re talking about Special Events, you have to recognize the ever-increasing scrutiny of event spending.  It’s in the media, around the water cooler and in the boardroom.

It’s not the programs that add value that are under scrutiny; it’s the events that aren’t built off of a solid foundation and measurable results.  This distinction is key in determining investment vs. expense.  The key tactics behind the most successful events are based on reinforcing your program’s Core Mission Objectives with experiential stimuli and Info-Tainment that supports your messaging… and links “moments of impact” that increase message retention and delivers measurable results.

The concepts we’re talking about have been validated by the industry, being recognized with its top awards, including the coveted Special Events Magazine Gala Award for the best multiple day meeting or event for a corporation or association and Meeting Professionals International’s Global Paragon Award.