Meeting and Event Designs that Produce Results

Designing your Ultimate DESTINATION EXPERIENCE




Make the most of your guests experience.  Embrace every opportunity to reinforce your brand and message. 

Every program has the potential to be made experiential with a conscious plan to incorporate your organization’s branding and core mission objectives at every turn.


Proven research derived methods of increasing retention and brand awareness can be implemented in unconventional and surprising ways when you look for opportunities to create moments of impact. We all expect to find a themed save the date message in our email but imagine stepping off the shuttle bus at the meeting venue that has been custom branded for just for your group.  If this much attention to detail has been given to guest arrival, just imagine what is in store behind the meeting room doors.

We know attendees learn best when they participate in an experience removed from the status quo.  And what makes up that experience doesn’t have to be over the top or over budget.  It can start with the core execution team smartly dressed in branded attire meeting guests at the airport.  The meeting theme can take shape in the form of carefully selected food and beverage, venue selection and post conference survey tools.
Take the confusion out of conference logistics for your attendees.   When you take advantage of opportunities for branding, attendees will have highly visible cues ensuring they are in the right spot and in good hands at all times.

Moments of IMPACT



Improve how your organization is seen by your employees, the community and your stakeholders

Our focus is creating programs that have a measurable return on investment through the retention of your message. Use the tools in our arsenal to optimize your meetings by using a specific discovery process to identify each program’s core mission and objectives.

Next is the engineering of an audible, visual and experiential interpretation of the core mission & objectives, by linking them to “moments of impact”.  Moments of impact are defined as those memorable parts of the program that make the hairs rise on your arms — the things that people are talking about around the water cooler the next day. In one case study, the Opening Ceremonies of Super Bowl, Optics packed 52 moments of impact in a ninety minute program that resulted in a 155% return on investment, 200 stories printed, and 16 million positive media impressions.

“MOMENTS OF IMPACT! These are the things that people talk about around the water cooler the next day”  by Steven P. Simmons CMP


Take a look at the following four steps to make the right special effects choices for your next meeting or event.

1. Envision your ultimate goals. Close your eyes and imagine you’ve just produced your most successful program ever. Your audience leaves, buzzing about what they’ve just experienced. What do you want to hear them saying? Write down these desired outcomes.

2. Look for patterns. Review the range of desired reactions you’ve collected. What are the common themes and most important takeaways?

3. Define key objectives. Use the cluster of ideas you’ve created as the basis for defining your core mission objectives — the key goals the experience you’re creating must achieve. List your core mission objectives.

4. Use key objectives to inform your special effects choices. Remember, a dollar that gets you closer to achieving your core mission objectives is an investment. A dollar that doesn’t get you closer is an expense.


The Cryo Jet System resembles fog and when lit correctly resembles fire. This impactful effect is contained in a low pressure unit that can be placed within a safe proximity to presenters on stage.


The Reveal Systems and Special Effects Series provides an alternative to traditional special effects that focuses on Safe Technology.   These effects create  moments of impact that when combined with message delivery; provide increased message retention in safe, Fire Marshal approved  conditions.






Research shows that experiential environments create significantly more positive associations with message retention than audible and visual presentations alone.  We have implemented   this research as the framework in a series of Message Delivery Systems that not only educate but also introduce corporate philosophy and initiatives in a tangible way. As of late, we have found these systems to be highly effective ways to deliver role outs of Corporate Social Responsibility through programs like Build a Bike and Wounded Warrior.




Proven strategies to communicate your short term and long term core mission objectives at every level of the organization.

Now that you have both your short term and long term core mission objectives, its time to build your “Ultimate Communication Machine.”  This is a proactive strategy guided by your long-term core mission objectives and breaks down your organization’s three-year communications strategy into each calendar year.

The foundation of your communication strategy is shaped at your Annual Leadership Conference were the objectives are discussed at a Strategic Level.  Your secondary Leadership Conference invites your top, mid level, and sales executives where your vision is implemented at a tactical level.

For economics of scale, attached to these leadership conferences are both a Corporate Recognition Ceremony, in celebration of intellectual properties and product advancements; and a Global Sales Awards Ceremony that celebrates the largest revenue generators in their field.

Four times throughout the year a web enabled Quarterly Business Review will be delivered where your leadership message is cascaded to all of your employees on a fundamental basis.

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders will happen once a year as required by the state of incorporation.  Often taking place after the fiscal year has ended, many corporations choose to hold their Annual Meeting of Directors on the same day.

Twice a year you will be able to express how much your team is appreciated.  Once during the holiday season by honoring the past and celebrating the future with your team and their significant others.  The summer time allows more flexibility for family members to join in at an Open House activity and Family Day Celebration.  Both of these platforms will generate good will and explain in generalities the direction of the organization.

Also thanking the most important supporters of your team, while taking you one step closer to being recognized as one of the best places to work.

Now that you have learned what it takes to build Your Ultimate Communication Machine, ask to review our study on and see how you match up to the industry.

Learn more by deep diving into the Future of Meeting Design, Event Design, Stage Design and Experiencing the latest in Production Technology.





Creating your Vision starts with your CORE MISSION OBJECTIVES

Close your eyes and imagine you have just produced the most successful program you have ever produced and you had the luxury of polling people as they exit. What do you want them to say?  “Wow, I really learned a lot, boy I feel appreciated, or I know what the three-year financial financial forecast is.”

This is the time when the team erupts with ideas, you whittle them down to the 3 to 5 immediate, year one, core mission objectives. Take those, write them down and say “If we spend a dollar and it gets us closer to those core mission objectives then its an investment in our program, if we spend a dollar and it doesn’t, then its an expense!”

Next you lay out a strategic communications campaign to select your Message Delivery Systems, choosing where and when you achieve those objectives.  Now its time to engineer an audible, visual and experiential interpretation of the core mission objectives by linking them to what we call “moments of impact”.

These moments of impact are defined as those memorable parts of a program that make the hairs rise on your arms — the things that people are talking about around the water cooler the next day.