Meeting and Event Designs that Produce Results




Creating your Vision starts with your CORE MISSION OBJECTIVES

Close your eyes and imagine you have just produced the most successful program you have ever produced and you had the luxury of polling people as they exit. What do you want them to say?  “Wow, I really learned a lot, boy I feel appreciated, or I know what the three-year financial financial forecast is.”

This is the time when the team erupts with ideas, you whittle them down to the 3 to 5 immediate, year one, core mission objectives. Take those, write them down and say “If we spend a dollar and it gets us closer to those core mission objectives then its an investment in our program, if we spend a dollar and it doesn’t, then its an expense!”

Next you lay out a strategic communications campaign to select your Message Delivery Systems, choosing where and when you achieve those objectives.  Now its time to engineer an audible, visual and experiential interpretation of the core mission objectives by linking them to what we call “moments of impact”.

These moments of impact are defined as those memorable parts of a program that make the hairs rise on your arms — the things that people are talking about around the water cooler the next day.