Meeting and Event Designs that Produce Results

Moments of IMPACT



Improve how your organization is seen by your employees, the community and your stakeholders

Our focus is creating programs that have a measurable return on investment through the retention of your message. Use the tools in our arsenal to optimize your meetings by using a specific discovery process to identify each program’s core mission and objectives.

Next is the engineering of an audible, visual and experiential interpretation of the core mission & objectives, by linking them to “moments of impact”.  Moments of impact are defined as those memorable parts of the program that make the hairs rise on your arms — the things that people are talking about around the water cooler the next day. In one case study, the Opening Ceremonies of Super Bowl, Optics packed 52 moments of impact in a ninety minute program that resulted in a 155% return on investment, 200 stories printed, and 16 million positive media impressions.

“MOMENTS OF IMPACT! These are the things that people talk about around the water cooler the next day”  by Steven P. Simmons CMP


Take a look at the following four steps to make the right special effects choices for your next meeting or event.

1. Envision your ultimate goals. Close your eyes and imagine you’ve just produced your most successful program ever. Your audience leaves, buzzing about what they’ve just experienced. What do you want to hear them saying? Write down these desired outcomes.

2. Look for patterns. Review the range of desired reactions you’ve collected. What are the common themes and most important takeaways?

3. Define key objectives. Use the cluster of ideas you’ve created as the basis for defining your core mission objectives — the key goals the experience you’re creating must achieve. List your core mission objectives.

4. Use key objectives to inform your special effects choices. Remember, a dollar that gets you closer to achieving your core mission objectives is an investment. A dollar that doesn’t get you closer is an expense.


The Cryo Jet System resembles fog and when lit correctly resembles fire. This impactful effect is contained in a low pressure unit that can be placed within a safe proximity to presenters on stage.


The Reveal Systems and Special Effects Series provides an alternative to traditional special effects that focuses on Safe Technology.   These effects create  moments of impact that when combined with message delivery; provide increased message retention in safe, Fire Marshal approved  conditions.