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Using Technology to Reinforce your Message

In the current state of business, every aspect and expense of live meetings and events are scrutinized for value and return on investment.  Today, there is little room in budgets, and even less tolerance for incorporating elements that do not contribute to the bottom line. Meeting and Event producers have to think smarter to stay in the game.  This new thinking marries the best practices of experiential marketing and the latest advancements in technology.  This is a fundamental shift in how technology is used during live meetings and events.  Using technology as the message delivery system, not just the vehicle for it, has proved to increase message retention and ROI without compromising the delicate balance of attendee perception.  Moore’s law states that technology doubles every two years. In the past, producers and industry insiders referred to audio visual equipment as smart or dumb, essentially defining it as dynamic or static.

Today the shift has graduated simple equipment lists into technology packages that serve a purpose rather than a function.  These packages give life to experiential learning environments that lean heavily on the psychologies of color, shape, size and safe special effects to encourage attendees’ multi-sensory learning capacity while consistently reinforcing the clients’ branding and message.   It is not unrealistic to foster a 3D environment that can change like an IMAX movie throughout; or transforming the entire stage on a coffee break with literally the press of a button at your organization’s next meeting.   With technology as the catalyst behind these digital delivery systems, options become almost limitless as your message is transformed into a memory, dramatically increasing message retention.

Use technology to engineer failure out of the program not add it back in”

“Technology is allowing us to deliver messages further while bringing people closer together”

by Steven P. Simmons CMP