Meeting and Event Designs that Produce Results

Step 1

Creative Discovery

Take a look at the Hot Products pages to find photos and videos of our designs in action. Or better yet, download the Buyer’s Guide now.

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Step 2

Program Design

Once you have a Design in mind, now is the time to contact us to check the availability on the system for your program dates.

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Step 3

Onsite Production

Our creative department can design a customized, scalable photo realistic 3D rendering to help win your pitch or leadership approval.

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Step 4

Measurable Results

Most Learning Environments are reverse engineered to ship and travel well; anywhere in the world, practically overnight.

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Building Your Own EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Environment


Experiential learning allows attendees to experience your message through an  audible, visual, and engaging learning process.  It is about participating in a meeting rather than just listening. Attendees exit feeling educated, informed and entertained.


10% of what we read

20% of what we hear

30% of what we see

50% of what we see and hear

70% of what we say

90% of what we say and do


A.   Windows The Windows Set is more economical than most Mega Screen designs in that two projectors support the four screens in the center, one per screen pair.  The Windows Set are crowned with curved aluminum and fabric Screen Surrounds that are also projectable and compatible with screen blending technology.

B.   Zero With its unique circular perforations, the Zero Set is a great lighting pallet that can be both front and rear lit; while hairline or contrast lighting are perfect for broadcast.

C.   Mega Screens Mega Screens present the ability to reinvent your stage with the press of a button, dynamically changing your stage an infinite amount of times in a single show.

D.   Splats Wrinkle-resistant tension fabric shapes that provide a crisp, clean look to your stage, as well as projection surfaces for i-mag, lighting scenes or even preprinted images.

E.   Cyber Ice Its semi translucent panels create a textured palette that embraces LED or conventional lighting, and allows for multiple color scenes at the touch of a button.

F.   Streamline Streamline is a Mega Screen made of modular flats of bright white projection friendly fabric surfaces that utilizes completely virtual motion graphic projection.

G.   MOD Cyber The Modular Cyber Ice is custom-fabricated from frosted polycarbonate for a lightweight design that is versatile, modular, and remarkably quick and easy to assemble.

H.   Super Curve This unique projection system, made of a fabric that disintegrates at 150 degrees extends around your audience enveloping them into your message and desired end results.

I.   Organics Wrinkle-resistant tension fabric shapes that provide a crisp, clean look to your stage, as well as projection surfaces for i-mag, lighting scenes or even preprinted images.

J.   Chairmans Projection screens flow smoothly into the cyber columns, truss cornice and steps of varying height create a textured lighting pallet and screen blending platform.

K.   Sky System The Sky System is scalable by adding panels, providing a blank canvas on which any pre-produced environment or graphic can be projected to support presenter, topic or program message.

L.   Optics Panels The 5-Panel Optics System can be pre-printed to customize any brand or message your project desires. Also included is a matching customized PowerPoint template.